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Sprucing Up Summer with JORD

I must say, I have never given watches an honest chance. Whether it be too bulky, heavy or simply not my style...let's just say I didn't know exactly where to start when trying one out. BUT - let me just... Continue Reading →

Healthy Curves With BLUvintage

When I first started my blog I had one, single thing in mind - I wanted to inspire people. Whether that be to try a new lipstick shade, travel somewhere they have always longed to visit or to put effort... Continue Reading →

Gallery Wall Galore

My readers, My decorating style is nothing short of eclectic. Mix and match furniture, various color schemes and vintage pieces; somehow it all seems to cohesively come together. I have endless ideas and inspiration that I constantly want to come... Continue Reading →

6 Rainy Day Reading Nooks

My readers, If you're on the East Coast like I am, then it is no surprise that the weather has been quite  unpleasant. Today of all days especially. The rain is down pouring and the wind is whipping making it sound... Continue Reading →

It’s Your Largest Organ After All…

Skin. Fact: Your skin is the largest organ in the human body. Therefore, in my personal opinion, also one of the most critical things to tend to & take care of. It is often neglected, forgotten about and slept with last... Continue Reading →

Get Up & Do It

Here is my first Monday Motivation - enjoy! Living life with a morning routine & why you should do it too...(in the actual order I do these things btw) As soon as you open your eyes, think of a positive... Continue Reading →

Wedding Bells With A Touch Of Rose Gold

First & foremost I want to excuse the grainy pictures. Iphone cameras aren't exactly ideal for blog post photos, butttt sometimes you have to do what ya have to do in order to get some content! Aside from that little... Continue Reading →

Combat Boots & A Utility Jacket

There's nothing that I love more in the fall than a good pair of boots. I honestly can't just limit that to one pair because I have "a few good pairs of boots" lined up in my closet. There's something about... Continue Reading →

On Trend

Right now in the world of fashion, fall style is everything. We are currently in that weird in between stage where boots and beanies are too much and just short sleeve shirts leave you needing something more. It's a time... Continue Reading →

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